This time of year people start anticipating the either welcomed time change or the dreaded time change.  It gets rather comical to listen to how people view this topic.  You find lovers or haters.  Really no in between is found on this annual event.  In much of our world today this is the sentiment on most things.  What’s interesting is that Believers in Christ know that God is all about change.  He has never left anything to chance, has always had a plan, and tells us the time change of eternity is coming.

Unlike, Daylight Savings Time where we adjust hands on a clock and check our smoke detectors, a good life saving plan, God and His plan has never changed.  God knew that when the time was right, His One and Only Son, came into the world to work the plan of Salvation through to completion.  God never had to change anything because His plan is perfect.

He isn’t bound by our time or our plans.  God’s plan also took and continues to take care of rescuing souls from the fires of hell and the Devil.  Only Jesus Christ can save souls from the depths of sin.  Only Jesus could fulfill the Full Law of God and be the Sacrificial Lamb that would take away the punishment of sin for all times and all peoples. This gift that Christ won for each person is found only in the faith and belief that Jesus is the Savior of the World.   It’s a very simple life saving fact, like a smoke detector, but many are deaf to the call.  Believers have the tremendous opportunity to be clocks and detectors in the world to point others to Jesus Christ, their Redeemer and Savior.  Unlike DST, this opportunity is every day, and knows no hours or limits.  It’s being on guard, charged with the Words of Christ, to stand up and share Jesus with those in need and those who don’t even know they have the need for Salvation.

Just like a clock or smoke detector, it’s about Christ Ones being faithful in all things.  If the clock or detector fails, one is late or possibly dead.  So it is when the Church and Her people fail to show up, report, or sound the alarm- Words of Christ.  The difference is a soul being late to faith means the person has missed out on all the gifts and true living that God has for them.  If the soul dies without the faith in Jesus Christ, they are forever lost in the real fires of hell.  This, my friends, should be all the motivation one needs to ensure they live a life worthy of the calling.

Isn’t it appropriate that Daylight Savings Time falls during Lent?  Lent is designed for self examination, seeking to turn from our sinfulness, and start living for the Lord. It’s our Christian Spring Forward.  It’s our Christian Smoke Detector checking.  Not so we gain things for ourselves, but so that others can come to Real Life in Jesus through our acts of service to them, which is love.  Love, more for them and their eternity, than for our own love of self and self interests.

So as we spring forward with our worldly time keepers and smoke detectors, take the Leap of Lent and come to God’s house, Wednesday Nights at 7:30p, and Sunday Mornings 8 & 10:45, to be charged up with the Word and work on putting out the fires that sin, the Devil, and own sinful flesh, want to kindle.